Nationwide Underwriting Advantages

Nationwide Underwriting Advantages

We’re excited to share three updated underwriting programs to create more opportunities for your advisors and clients to do business with Nationwide. Attached are the PDFs for the programs, and below are brief descriptions of the updated programs with links to the PDFs as well:

Nationwide Term + Perm

We’ve expanded our Term + Perm program up to $5M up to age 50, and term policies issued through an acceleration program can now be included for eligibility. Click here to learn more about this revamped program!

Nationwide Executive Advantage

A streamlined underwriting program that can now be used for up to a $20M face amount, the Nationwide Executive advantage is a great option for your executive clients. Click here to learn more about this program.

Competitor Match Program

We’ve updated the program to match up to a face amount of $5M, and have added new carriers to the qualifying list. Click here to see the new details on the program.

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